Spotted! Velarof features on D-sun’s YouTube channel

Exciting times! Velarof was recently featured on D-sun’s YouTube channel when the beauty and fitness YouTuber visited Hankyu Men’s Tokyo.


In the video, D-sun is seen browsing the men’s designer underwear section before admiring our Shima X Shima design and trying on a pair of Mimosa - Digitalise Ichimatsu

With 236k subscribers on YouTube and 38.8k followers on Instagram, D-sun’s decision to feature Velarof confirms our position as one of the luxury men’s underwear labels to watch. 

Our exquisite craftsmanship and super-soft silky fabrics provide comfort all day long, while our striking prints inspired by various elements of Japanese culture effortlessly command attention.

As D-sun now knows, wearing Velarof is a sartorial experience you’ll never forget.

Have you tried a pair of Velarof yet? 

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