An introduction to the world of men’s underwear by Velarof

It’s official: no garment gets as intimate as underwear. The style you select says a lot about your lifestyle and personality. And the pair you wear can make all the difference when it comes to how you go about your day. 

At Velarof, we believe that style, fit and soft fabrics are key to all-day confidence and comfort. That’s why we combine unique elements of Japanese culture with silky soft materials to transform your everyday sartorial experience. Our hybrid designs also combine the best bits of different underwear shapes to create a universal fit that’s multi-purpose.

But what are the different types of men’s underwear? Let’s explore the main four: 


Suits: Thin, fit and muscular shapes

Also known as Y-fronts, briefs sit low on the hips to enhance the stomach and feature higher leg holes to accentuate your thighs. Usually, they fit pretty snug so they’re not for the faint-hearted. But if you’re feeling confident (and why shouldn’t you?) briefs are great for providing close support and showing off your best bits (no pun intended).


Suits: Thin, fit, muscular and wide hip shapes

Sitting just below the hips, trunks are another body-hugging design with a built-in pouch for comfort. Compared to briefs, they offer a little bit more modesty thanks to their additional fabric around the legs, which provides full coverage at the back. With their slim fit and hipster styling, trunks became particularly popular alongside the rise of skinny jeans in the 2000s.

Boxer briefs

Suits: Thin, fit, muscular, wide hip and large waist shapes

With their slim fit and ample support, boxer briefs suit most body types. As well as plenty of coverage, they provide definition to the back and offer a comfortable fit with their high waistbands. This underwear style has been around for decades but rose to true prominence in the early 1990s thanks to those Calvin Klein ads.

Boxer shorts (or boxers)

Suits: Fit, muscular and large waist shapes

Taking their name from their similarity to the shorts worn by boxers (yes, really), boxer shorts were first marketed by Everlast in the 1920s and have remained popular ever since. Their short-style fit is generally loose, providing good circulation and a cool feel for those prone to overheating. They’re also flattering on those with thinner legs or narrow hips.

To conclude: all four styles have their many different benefits. And if you’re reading this wondering if you can experience a little bit of each, well, you’re in luck. 

It’s time to discover our collection of eclectic underwear for the modern gentleman. 

Velarof combines various elements of each underwear type to create hybrid boxer briefs that complement all body shapes. The extra material in the crotch area provides a sense of freedom, while their slim fit forms and flatters. And thanks to their seamless design, there’ll be no visible lines through your clothing. 

Our hybrid underwear is also multi-purpose and suits any occasion—from gym workouts and office meetings to country weddings and dates in the city. 

How and where will you wear your Velarof underwear?