Revitalising our health and wellbeing with watermelon

On a hot summer’s day, there’s nothing more refreshing than a slice of sweet and juicy watermelon. Hydrating and delicious, it’s our new favourite superfood. Consisting of 90% water and packed with vitamins, the watermelon is our friend. Rich in a super amino acid called citrulline, it’s great for our vasodilatory health, improving our blood flow, strengthening our muscles and helping us to recover from fatigue. And when we exercise, watermelon helps us on our way. Ideal for eating both before and after a workout, it replenishes our water and sugar levels and removes active oxygen generated by exercise with its generous stash of the antioxidant called lycopene. In fact, watermelons contain around one and a half times more lycopene than tomatoes. Wow. Did you also know that watermelon is great for the skin? Thanks to being loaded with vitamins such as A, B and C, the vibrant fruit works hard to nourish and protect our skin, while boosting our collagen production to fade spots and leave our skin looking and feeling brighter. Its vitamin C and nitric acid also targets acne-causing bacteria and reduces skin redness and inflammation, which could help reduce the risk of developing certain cancers. Watermelons also aid digestion and promote good eye health. If you’ve been vacationing, spending a lot of time in the sun or playing sports, there’s no better time to embrace the many magic tricks of watermelons and their ability to restore your physical health and condition. Many of the benefits can be felt almost instantly. We also love the vibrancy of watermelons. Even just looking at the cool fruit evokes feelings of love, power, passion and excitement. We could be in the depths of winter but watermelon makes us feel like the heat and energy of summer lasts all year long. Another thing that makes us feel like this is our Neo Uroko boxer shorts. Set against a red and yellow background, this fiery piece of underwear reveals a bold and energetic print that puts a fresh new twist on uroko, the traditional Japanese design comprising linked, two-tone triangles. Designed to promote passion, protection and playfulness and reflect the fortune of rebirth, it’s a powerful piece of underwear crafted from premium fabric that’s smoother than silk and softer than cotton. With a branded waistband, it provides lasting comfort and sartorial confidence. So, next time you have a busy and important day on the cards and you want to give it your all, look no further than a slice of watermelon and a pair of our Neo Uroko boxer shorts. You’ll feel, look and be extraordinary as you go about your day. What more could you want this summer?