Counting down to the 2022 World Cup with Velarof

With the 2022 World Cup fast approaching, we’ve officially got football fever. 

When the tournament commences on 20th November, we’ll be cheering on our home team of Japan with passion and pride. More specifically, we’ll be rooting for Junya Ito, the team’s attacking midfielder and our very own brand ambassador.

Cheering on your national team is a great privilege. But at Velarof, it feels even more meaningful this year thanks to Ito’s participation. Junya has been the perfect brand mascot for Velarof with his great sportsmanship and impeccable style proving the ideal match for our eclectic underwear designs. 

Because Velarof’s hybrid boxer briefs are carefully crafted from silky soft fabric that’s lightweight and quick to dry, they provide ultimate comfort all day long—perfect for giving it your all on a football pitch (or watching the matches from home). Made in Japan, Velarof underwear also offers exceptional stretch with their soft elasticated waistbands allowing easy movement without losing shape. 

Our top underwear selection for a season of success is Crystal Reborn, an eye-catching design that fuses bold hues with intricate details. A closer inspection of the design reveals branded Velarof motifs and the kikomonyo pattern, which symbolises the renewal of glass that’s been broken and repurposed to create something brand new and exciting. Crystal Reborn represents rebirth and renewal, bringing infinite possibilities to the day ahead.

When the stakes are as high as they are in an international football tournament, what could be a better choice of underwear than Crystal Reborn? Not only does the design merge historical Japanese elements with modern art innovations while providing unrivalled all-day comfort—and with great comfort comes great confidence—but it also serves as an essential reminder that anything is possible. And what could be more inspiring than that?

Crystal Reborn also comes in our signature and sustainable PVC case, which is perfect for taking with you on your travels to maintain the cleanliness of your underwear. And when it’s not in use, it can be refashioned into something new—just like Crystal Reborn appropriately reminds us.

So this World Cup season, embrace the fact that anything is possible. If high-quality performance starts with high-quality underwear, then Japan has a great chance of victory.

Will you cheer on your favourite team in a pair of Crystal Reborn?