Creating your Christmas wishlist with Velarof

The festive season is officially upon us. So, what better opportunity is there to treat yourself and your loved ones too?

Here at Velarof, we believe that our eclectic underwear makes the perfect gift option for Christmas. Not only are our prints unique and eye-catching thanks to a thoughtful fusion of modern and traditional Japanese design influences but our hybrid boxer briefs also feel incredibly comfortable to wear all day long. 

This is all thanks to our super-soft silky fabric that’s lightweight and quick to dry, with our contemporary boxers stretching to accommodate your movements without losing their shape. Thoughtfully designed and lovingly crafted in Japan, Velarof underwear also features soft elasticated waistbands, which provide a premium fit for every shape and size. 

So what’s our top pick for your Christmas wishlist this year? We highly recommend Damask Power in Tanzanite Blue, a colour that’s celebrated for its calm and intellectual properties—two traits we’ll need as we navigate the busyness of the festive season. 

Damask Power puts a fresh and contemporary spin on the traditional Damask symbol, which is featured in the Rinzu silk satin damask, the most popular kimono fabric from the Edo Period. These unique boxers were created to induce energy and optimism—two more essential traits as we step into this eventful period and ready ourselves for a fresh new start come 2023. If high-quality performance starts with high-quality underwear, then Velarof have you set for this season, next season and beyond.

Another reason why Damask Power - Tanzanite Blue makes the perfect gift option for Christmas is that it comes pre-wrapped in our signature and sustainable PVC case, which is perfect for your friend that frequently travels or visits the gym. And when not in use to maintain the cleanliness of the underwear, the branded packaging can be refashioned into storage for something else. Damask Power - Tanzanite Blue is practically two gifts in one. 

As you prepare yourself for the 2023 festive season, will you gift Damask Power to a loved one? Or will you treat yourself?

The choice is yours.