Cotton Vs TENCEL™

At Velarof we want the best for you and our planet. Great underwear should be comfortable, kind to your skin and gorgeous, but with minimal impact on the environment. Cotton has traditionally been the material of choice for underwear. But with fabric technologies improving all the time, is it still the best option?

What is TENCELTM fabric made from?

TENCEL™ is made from sustainably produced wood pulp. The solvent used in the manufacturing process does not release wastewater and is reused repeatedly. Cotton is natural fibre, but uses much more water in its production process than TENCEL™. It is usually bleached and needs greater quantities of dye to achieve the vibrant colours you see in TENCEL™. So despite both being plant based, TENCEL™ can be produced sustainably with less of an impact on the natural environment than traditional cotton. 

Is TENCELTM breathable?

The length and width of fibres can be changed during the TENCEL™ manufacturing process to create different textures. When made for underwear it has very short fibres and is even more breathable than cotton. TENCEL™ has also been developed to have incredible absorption and moisture-wicking properties. It dries quickly too, making it less susceptible to bacteria, which thrive in warm, damp conditions. Cotton is breathable, but retains moisture and can stay damp for a long time.

For the quality you expect from Velarof underwear, TENCEL™ is an excellent choice. It is as soft as silk to touch, while its breathable, quick-drying properties are good for skin health. So try a pair from our TENCEL™ collection, knowing we’ve done our research!