This Earth Day we ask, what is eco-fashion?

22 April is Earth Day 2024. Across the world, Earth Day is a time to renew our commitment to repairing and protecting our environment. Fashion has often been focused on developing new ideas without counting the true cost to our planet. But at Velarof we are determined to show that luxury fashion can be eco-friendly. Eco-fashion is produced using methods that are not harmful to the environment, for example using materials that have been recycled or grown sustainably. Our latest collection is created in  TENCEL™, an innovative fabric that is kind to the planet.

TENCEL™ Fabric Facts for Earth Day 2024

Planet vs Plastics is the theme of Earth Day 2024. Microplastics from fabrics like polyester and acrylic are released into our water systems each time a garment is washed. So we decided to produce our latest collection in TENCEL™. This fabric is made from sustainably produced wood pulp. The solvent used in the manufacturing process does not release wastewater and is reused repeatedly. In fact, it uses less water in its production process than cotton. It is also biodegradable and can be composted at the end of its lifespan. We are proud to use TENCEL™ as a positive choice for our planet.       

Caring for your TENCEL™ clothes sustainably

To prolong the lifespan of your underwear, Velarof recommends washing it at 30°C using a wool or delicate cycle. Washing at lower temperatures will maintain the vibrancy of the design and is better for the environment too. You should also allow your underwear to dry naturally, rather than using a tumble dryer. Thanks to the quick drying properties of TENCEL™, it won’t take long! So try a pair of our boxer briefs this Earth Day, knowing fashion doesn’t have to cost the earth.