Stay in shape for longer

Is your underwear drawer hiding saggy bottoms and holey gussets? Or are you hanging on to that pair of briefs that look great but make you wriggle uncomfortably all day? You’re not alone. But with Velarof, you’ll get pants that stay in shape for longer, without compromising on comfort. Our gorgeous new collection is made with our most sustainable and luxurious fabric yet - TENCEL™.

Chose quality, get comfort

We chose TENCEL™ because it offers the premium quality and comfort you expect from Velarof underwear. It feels as soft as silk against your skin, and has an elegant sheen to enhance colours and patterns. Combined with Velarof’s superior craftsmanship, it makes boxer briefs that fit like a second skin and won’t chafe. 

TENCEL™ also combines moisture retention with quick-drying properties, ideal for underwear. It gives you cool boxers all day long. Its excellent elasticity adds to its anti-chafing comfort and durability, as your pants will keep in great shape for longer. 

Invest in you and the planet

Using the best materials and skilled craftsmanship elevates the quality of Velarof underwear and your experience when wearing it. As well as investing in yourself, you’re making a sustainable choice. With the right care, our high quality boxers will last. But when the time comes, TENCEL™ can be buried to decompose and become part of Earth's natural cycle of renewal. Invest in quality and experience the difference.