Celebrate Spring the Japanese Way

In Japan, Spring is the season of cherry blossom. People travel from far and wide to experience the beauty of hana-mi, or flower viewing. Hana-mi parties are popular and usually mean a picnic under a cherry tree surrounded by petals. In the busy city of Tokyo, the cherry blossom brings a welcome reminder of the beauty of the natural world and its ability to promote calm and boost vitality. Honouring the four seasons, our Wa Paisley design embodies this vitality, giving an energetic burst of colour to your day.

Reimagining a traditional motif

Paisley is a popular pattern on men’s clothes and was once a sign of wealth and power. But Wa Paisley means paisley done the Japanese way! Our four colour design leaps off these silky black briefs. Each colour reminds us of a season and the natural cycle of the year. The bright pink echoes the cherry blossoms of hana-mi and the sense of joy it brings. 

Velarof’s favourite Tokyo hana-mi experiences

You will be spoilt for choice when seeing cherry blossom in Tokyo and there are many places to enjoy this uniquely Japanese experience. But here are three of our favourites for 2023.

  1. Hotel Chinzanso has beautiful gardens, including over 100 cherry trees. For a real treat, book the ‘Yozakura Evening High Tea in the Clouds’ and enjoy your meal while looking out over the blossom.
  2. Shinjuku Gyoen has teamed up with experiential art group NAKED, to bring you a memorable evening of cherry blossoms and digital art.This exciting project creates a magical visual spectacle!
  3. Meguro River cruises are popular throughout the year, but the Hana-mi Cruise is special. It passes through water strewn with petals and beneath trees overhanging the river to create a canopy of flowers. 

To prolong your sense of enjoying Spring the Japanese way, get yourself a pair of Wa Paisley today. These stylish boxer briefs will add Japanese flair to your underwear collection!