Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring!

Hurray for Spring! At last the days are getting longer. A new season is breezing in bringing with it an air of optimism. Nature is springing back to life around us, and it’s time to freshen up. Why not give your wardrobe a Spring clean? Ditch that tired underwear and liven up your days with our colourful Geo Paradise boxer briefs. 

Chic, not shabby

This eye-catching pattern is exclusive to Velarof men’s underwear. From a soft pastel background, bold geometric shapes pop with colour in striking contrast to the natural exotic beauty of flamingoes and bird of paradise flowers. Vibrant and modern, this print embodies a positive energy.

The original design was created in London before the boxer briefs were crafted by our experts in Japan. Our premium fit will give you all day comfort, making them a pleasure to wear. 

Share the joys of Spring

Geo Paradise make a perfect Spring gift too. The bird of paradise flower is laden with romantic symbolism, representing enduring love and faithfulness. Of course, you don’t need to wait for someone else to bring you happiness! Seize the day and treat yourself to a pair of Velarof’s luxury underwear. 

Whether a gift to someone special or to yourself, these silky soft pants will put a spring in your step!