Majestic briefs to celebrate a King!

Who’s the King in your life? He may not wear a crown, but he’s there for you when you need him. Or maybe you are proudly channelling your own ‘King’ energy. While the nation celebrates the coronation of King Charles III, who will you treat like royalty with a pair of our luxurious Leo Palace boxer briefs?

A pattern for an auspicious historical moment  

The coronation of a new monarch is a moment of hopeful promise. King Charles III is beginning his reign, but he is continuing a long history. The traditional Yoshiwara Tsunagi chain pattern featured on Leo Palace also symbolises the continuing connections between people and their history. The beautiful leopard motif is both wild and powerful, celebrated in bright, vibrant colours. This striking combination captures the joyful essence of this historic event in a playful design. 

Celebrate in palatial style

So dress with distinction to mark the King’s Coronation. You may not have had an invitation to the Palace, but you can still enjoy your own palatial style with our  Leo Palace pants. Upgrade your underwear today and experience the comfort and elegance of Velarof’s craftsmanship.