Velarof Christmas gift guide 2022: A design for every gentleman

Christmas 2022 will soon be here. But there’s still time to find the perfect style of Velarof underwear for that special gentleman in your life. 

Whether you’re treating yourself or a partner, friend or family member, our hybrid boxers make a truly wonderful gift option this festive season. And with so many eclectic designs to choose from, there’s a perfect pair for every personality.

Made in Japan from silky soft fabric that’s lightweight and quick to dry, our eclectic boxers are one of a kind. Fusing modern and traditional Japanese influences, they feature premium fits and ultra-soft waistbands that retain their shape for supreme comfort all day long. If high-quality performance starts with high-quality underwear, then Velarof has you set for success on every level.

Ready to start shopping? Here are our top picks for each personality type…

Imperial KIKU for… the ambitious gentleman

Passionate personalities who are hungry for success will love nothing more than slipping into a pair of Imperial KIKU. In rich red with a classic damask pattern, chrysanthemum diamonds and Kikubishi motifs to symbolise virtue, knowledge and longevity, this luxurious and timeless design is part of our brand new collection and promotes both comfort and prosperity—perfect for the ambitious man who wants it all.

Geo Paradise for… the mischievous gentleman

Gentleman with a playful and mischievous side will be spellbound by Geo Paradise, a bold and tropical design fusing striking V logos with flamingo and bird of paradise motifs. Created from a pattern of hemp leaves symbolising eternity, these unique boxers are part of our brand new collection and represent happiness and joy—perfect for any exuberant man with a cheerful disposition.

Damask Power for… the intellectual gentleman

Confident intellectuals with a penchant for refined style will appreciate the many depths of Damask Power. Taking influence from the traditional Rinzu silk satin damask (the most popular kimono fabric from the Edo Period) while referencing hues from the British flag, this multi-faceted design in classic black imbues a sense of calm energy and quiet optimism—perfect for the man with a beautiful mind.

Shima x Shima for… the adventurous gentleman

Bold and fearless personalities with a taste for adventure will love the vivid hues and striking design of Shima x Shima. Inspired by Tokyo's famous scramble junction, these vibrant hybrid boxers combine a variety of shapes and colours to subtly express the endless possibilities that each new day can bring—perfect for the man who’s hungry for a challenge and undaunted by change.

Not only do Velarof designs stand out from the crowd with their eclectic prints and exceptional comfort, but they also come individually packaged in their very own travel-friendly PVC case—the perfect gift packaging, wouldn’t you agree?

Who will you treat to a pair of Velarof underwear this Christmas?