Fabric for a better future


Fabric for a better future

At Velarof we want the best for you and our planet. That's why we’re so excited to present our new collection in  TENCEL™  - an environmentally conscious material that is as kind to your skin as it is to the planet. Using new fabric technologies, it cleverly combines the best qualities of natural and synthetic fibres, making it our choice for your underwear.

Produced in harmony with nature

You’d never guess from its smooth feel, but  TENCEL™  is made from sustainably produced wood pulp! The solvent used in the manufacturing process does not release wastewater and can be reused repeatedly. Best of all, it decomposes when buried, allowing it to eventually become a part of Earth's natural cycle of renewal.

Perfect care for delicate skin

Not only is it environmentally friendly,  TENCEL™  also offers the luxury and comfort you expect from Velarof underwear. It feels as soft as silk against your skin, and has an elegant sheen.  TENCEL™ has excellent elasticity and combines moisture retention with quick-drying properties.

All of this makes it an ideal material for wearing against delicate or sensitive areas of your body. Perfect for Velarof underwear! So treat yourself to a pair from our new collection today, knowing that style and comfort can be an ethical choice too.