Style, Comfort and an Ethical Choice

We’re so excited! Three fabulous new Velarof designs are now available in environmentally conscious TENCEL™ fabric. To celebrate the green credentials of our new material, Eight Waves, Energetic Sun, and Love Paisley incorporate traditional Japanese patterns into vibrant modern designs inspired by the UN’s goals to protect our planet.

Inspired by a better future

Our new pants each have their own story. Eight Waves features a Seigaiha pattern, representing an endless expanse of tranquil waves that carry a wish for an eternally peaceful future. It is influenced by the UN’s sustainable development goal 14 - Life Below Water - to conserve our oceans, seas and marine resources.  

UN Goal 7, Affordable and Clean Energy, is the inspiration for Energetic Sun. This design uses the vibrant Edo Purple colour and includes a repeated Sankuzushi pattern based on the traditional Japanese abacus. 

Love Paisley incorporates the auspicious Kikko pattern drawn from the tortoiseshell shape, which symbolises longevity and good fortune. It embodies the UN goal 15, Life On Land, to protect and restore ecosystems, reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss.

Kind to the planet and your skin!

It’s not just our patterns that are inspired by a wish to protect our planet. You’d never guess from it’s soft silky feel, but our new material, TENCEL™ is made from sustainably produced wood pulp. The manufacturing process has low environmental impact and it decomposes when buried, allowing it to become a part of Earth's natural cycle of renewal.

So get a pair of Velarof pants from our brand new collection, confident that they are as kind to the planet as they are to your skin!