Feel Daring in Plush Plum

How can we explain the confidence boost that wearing great underwear can give you? The swagger and poise you radiate because you have a secret - “I’m wearing gorgeous pants!” At Velarof we know, it starts with the base layer. Comfort and style matter when it comes to improving our mood. Lift your spirits this summer in a plush pair of our Irekobishi Asobi plum pants. 

Plum perfected in the sun

Plum is a perfect colour for summer in Japan. Japanese pickled plums, known as Umeboshi, are prepared each summer and allowed to dry in the sunshine. The distinctive sourness of umeboshi is believed to recover appetite during the Japanese summer months by stimulating digestion, so it is often eaten to boost appetite and energy.

Traditionally, shiso leaves are used in the preparation to give this salty, sour snack its distinctive red colour and rich flavour. Velarof’s Irekobishi Asobi boxer briefs use a specific shade of this vivid colour, known as Edo Murasaki. This shade was favoured by Japanese high society during the Edo period. A traditional Japanese diamond pattern is featured too, believed to promote prosperity and health. The result is a vibrant fashion essential, designed to be daring and give you a boost of summer energy. 

Your secret’s safe!

So do you dare to channel your inner boss energy? Will Irekobishi Asobi be your summer secret? It’s time to be bold. Try a pair of our luxurious boxer briefs today and stride out with the confidence of knowing that with Velarof, you’re wearing the best pants in the room! The secret of your self-assurance is safe with us.