Lighten up for Summer

Fans at the ready, it’s getting hot! The kimono may be the best known Japanese garment, but as temperatures rise, Japanese fashionistas are swapping these heavy, formal gowns for the yukata. Usually made from just a single layer of lightweight fabric in beautiful printed patterns, the yukata is less formal and easier to move around in, especially in the heat. But even when going for a casual look, Velarof’s Leo Palace underwear will add a layer of distinction and elegance to any outfit.

The true art of underwear

Velarof believe in making an artform of underwear. Of the many artforms essential to Japanese culture, Kabuki is one of the most visually striking. The traditional Yoshiwara Tsunagi chain pattern featured on Leo Palace has been used on the designs of kimonos in kabuki theatre for centuries. It is believed to bring the wearer good luck. The powerful leopard motif also features, adding an alluring twist to the modern design. This dynamic combination captures the traditions of Japanese history with the promise of new possibilities.

The air of distinction 

Whether your style is the formal kimono, the casual yukata or the relaxed shorts and tshirt look, our Leo Palace pants will give you the air of distinction of someone who appreciates quality and craftsmanship.