Good fortune for the year ahead

The beginning of the year is one of the most important times in Japan’s calendar, when families come together to celebrate. According to Japanese tradition, the Great Year God Toshigami visits homes at this time and should be offered kagami mochi for good luck in the year ahead. These special cakes have been shared since the 14th century Japanese Muromachi period. At Velarof we honour traditions, and are pleased to share an insight into Japanese culture with you. 

Mirror Cakes for the Year God

Kagami mochi are made of two stacked rice cakes with a small, bitter orange fruit called a daidai placed on top. In English, they are sometimes called mirror cakes. During the Muromachi era, circular mirrors were often used in Shinto rituals. It is said that the rice cakes used for kagami mochi resemble these mirrors. Toshigami is the god of the harvest so it is believed that offering kagami mochi to the god will ensure a good harvest or prosperity in the year ahead. 

Invest in yourself

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