Clean-up time: The perfect opportunity to refresh your underwear

With the year-end fast approaching, Osouji will soon be upon us. One of the main activities of Osouji is Susuharaiotherwise known as the end-of-year clean-up.

Deeply ingrained into Japanese culture, Susuharai originates from the Heian period, when the imperial court held an event in December to clean away the dust and soot that had accumulated over the past year in preparation for welcoming the Gods. 

Today, Susuharai is a tradition that lives on, with households around Japan sweeping away the dust from their homes in preparation for welcoming Toshigami, the Shinto deity who brings happiness to each household on New Year’s Day. But in order for him to visit and bring good luck and health for the coming year, houses must first be cleaned.

Japan’s big cleaning period officially starts on 13th December and the cleaning should be finished by the 28th of December. It’s said that clean-ups taking place after this date can actually bring bad luck. This is because the 29th of December contains the number ‘9’, which is associated with ku (bitterness). Meanwhile, cleaning up on the 31st of December, the official day of welcoming the Gods, may give the impression that preparations have been made in a hurry. And if you clean up on New Year’s Day, you may clean away any existing good luck.

The connection between good luck and maintaining a smart appearance is a sentiment echoed by the team here at Velarof. In the underwear world, it’s our belief that an old pair of boxers or boxer briefs with holes in them may allow any of your good luck and fortune to escape. It’s for this reason that December provides the perfect opportunity to refresh your underwear collection in time for the New Year.

One of our favourite designs to revive your underwear drawer with this season is Velarof’s Imperial Kiku Silver. Part of our brand new collection, this luxurious design in deep red features a classic damask pattern with chrysanthemum diamonds paired with Kikubishi motifs. 

Crafted from super-soft fabric that’s lightweight and quick to dry and finished with a flexible waistband for comfort, this design promotes prosperity, virtue and knowledge—three traits that become invaluable at this time of year, particularly as you carry out your end-of-year clean-up. Made in Japan, the design also comes in a sustainable PVC case that’s perfect for travelling and maintaining general hygiene. 

Remember: high-quality performance starts with high-quality underwear. With a pair of Imperial Kiku Silver on, this end-of-year clean-up may just be your best yet.

Are you ready to welcome in all the good luck and fortune this New Year?