Banish the January Blues with Red Energy!

The excitement of welcoming a happy new year is hard to maintain on these cold, dark January mornings. So banish the blues with our limited edition Imperial Kiku Gold boxer briefs.

Look great and feel energised

Red underwear always makes a powerful statement! But it’s not just about looking great. Throughout history, red garments have been worn for power and protection. The deep red colour has been used in Eastern medicine for centuries to boost energy and positivity. In Japan wearing red or aka underwear is considered good luck, as it is believed to be the colour of success and prosperity. At Velarof we have paired this positive red energy with a classic damask pattern, featuring golden chrysanthemum diamonds and elegant Kikubishi motifs to symbolise virtue, knowledge and longevity. Start your day in a pair of these and feel as good as you look!

Practical and luxurious

All our Velarof boxer briefs are created of fabric that is smoother than silk and softer than cotton, making them a joy to wear. The functional design makes these suitable for every day wear, but our attention to detail means they are never ordinary! So harness the positive power of red energy and brighten your days with our exclusive Imperial Kiku Gold edition.