Thunder Matsuri

£39.00 GBP

Set against a backdrop of a sepia blue sky, the exciting and surprising patterns on the Thunder Matsuri ignite passion, surprise and optimism. Cut from premium fabric with a branded waistband and a supreme fit, Thunder Matsuri is notable for its thunderstorm (kaminari) kanji, which add depth and dimension to an already distinctive design. 

  • Smoother than silk, softer than cotton
  • Quick to dry
  • Elastic waistband
  • 88% nylon, 12% polyurethane
  • Made in Japan
  • Model wears size L
  • Model’s measurements: Height 180cm (5’9”), Waist 88cm

Product code: VU321106


Each Velarof underwear piece weighs from just 50g and is crafted for a lightweight second skin feel

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