Eight Waves | New Arrival

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This product utilises TENCEL™, known for its features of a smooth texture, softness, excellent absorbency, quick-drying properties, and antibacterial characteristics.

TENCEL™ is a natural plant-based fibre made from renewable wood resources, making it an environmentally friendly material.

Achieve a wearing experience akin to a second skin, gentle on both your skin and the Earth.

TENCEL™ is a trademark of Lenzing AG.

  • Luxuriously silky and soft to the touch
  • Provides a fit that seamlessly integrates with your skin
  • Keeps the skin dry with excellent moisture absorption and quick-drying properties
  • Waistband incorporates recycled fibres
  • High-performance odor-neutralizing material used for the lining
  • Made in Japan
  • Material Composition: TENCEL™ Modal 94%, Polyurethane 6%
  • Model is wearing size XL
  • Model: Waist 32 inches, Height 180cm / 5'11"


The traditional Seigaiha pattern represents the shape of the endlessly continuing waves. It is an auspicious pattern that illuminates the future. Let's embark on a journey where we surrender ourselves to the waves and gather happiness. Go forth with courage and determination! Bon voyage.

About 青海波 SEIGAIHA 

This Seigaiha pattern expresses an endless expanse of tranquil waves and carries a wish for an eternal future filled with peace.

The four-layered wave pattern is featured on the costumes of Edo-period dancers, demonstrating its origin in traditional Japanese dance and literature.The protagonist of ‘The Tale of Genji,’ Hikaru Genji, is said to have performed the classical Heian-era gagaku dance called "Seigaiha" (Blue Ocean Waves). 


Each Velarof underwear piece weighs from just 50g and is crafted for a lightweight second skin feel

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