The extraordinary beauty behind Camouflage Lake



If you’ve browsed our collection of luxury men’s underwear, you may have come across the distinctive design we call Camouflage Lake

Catching the eye with its intricate camouflage print and subtle use of logo stamps, this unique piece of underwear not only taps into current trends and feels supremely comfortable to wear, but it also pays homage to the picturesque Shiga Prefecture and Lake Biwa.

Located a stone’s throw from Kyoto, Shiga is made up of thirteen cities and is home to the enormous freshwater Lake Biwa, Japan’s most ancient lake believed to have formed over four million years ago. With over 235 kilometres of shoreline to explore, the lake takes its name from its natural shape which resembles a ‘biwa’, a traditional Japanese lute. The area is known for its scenic views, picturesque towns and mountain-top temples.

Further complementing this alluring setting in the summertime is the wonderful mass of sunflowers that appear. In fact, in August time, roughly 50,000 sunflowers come into bloom all around the lake. The views are extraordinary.

As a brand that takes inspiration from Japan’s rich culture and ancient history, it may come as no surprise that we turned to Shiga and Lake Biwa in the design process for Camouflage Lake. The camouflage pattern you see was born from the contours of Shiga and Lake Biwa, while the sequence of small yellow logos represents the bright yellow sunflower fields at their best. 

If you find yourself lucky enough to visit Lake Biwa, the best spot to visit is Daiichi Nagisa Park. In the summertime, you’ll enjoy the most stunning views of the sunflower fields in bloom, while the early rape blossoms in wintertime are still a sight to behold. Contrasted against the blue skies and Hira Mountains, these views are quite simply breathtaking.

So, next time you take a trip, why not consider Shiga Prefecture and Lake Biwa? Don your Camouflage Lake underwear by Velarof, find a spot in Daiichi Nagisa Park and soak up all the wonderful beauty that Japan has to offer.

Will we see you there?